Gerardo  Zambrano was born January 17th 1983, the youngest of seven children.  Born into a mexican/italian heritage, Gerardo has a unique look that is all his own. Gerardo is very family oriented and spends most of his time with close friends and family. Gerardo has trained with "ID Broadcast" a broadcasting workshop and several acting coaches. 

Gerardo started out his acitng career behind the scenes doing extra work and quickly developed a passion for it. Since then, Gerardo has been featured in such shows as "Days of Our Lives", " How I meet your mother", Feature film "Bobby", and a music video for Anastasia "Boom". Gerardo has also been featured in several shows for the spanish market such as: "Doce Corazones" and "Secretos".  Gerardo's latest work is a fitness video, "Hot Buddies/Fit Lifestyles", that is due to come out in the spring of 2009.